Province 1 government praised for ‘satisfactory’ performance

- Feb 15, 2019, Biratnagar

Province 1 chief Prof Dr Govinda Bahadur Tumbahang has praised the province government for its performance in the past one year. In his address to a programme organised by the Office of (Province) Chief Minister and Council of Ministers today to disclose achievements of the province government in such a...


Kailali Court slaps Chaudhary and 10 others to life imprisonment

- March 6, 2019, Dhangadhi

(Khabarbit) The Kailali District Court has sentenced Resham Lal Chaudhary and 10 others to life imprisonment finding them guilty in the Tikapur incident, which occurred three and half years ago. Sharing the information today about the court order related to the Tikapur incident, record keeper at the District Court, Indra...


Three-year-old boy drowns in a pond

- 29 May, 2018, Saptari

A three-year-old boy drowned on Monday evening at Belhi of Khadaka municipality -2 of Saptari district. The deceased has been identified as Sakal Mandal's son Arbindra Mandal, according to District Police Office, Saptari. The boy was playing in a pond belonging to one Chandreshwor Chaudhary in the village when the...


Snakebite treatment centre Itahari treats 1,407 cases in a year

- July 24, 2018, Itahari

The community snakebite treatment centre operated from the premises of the Nepal Army's east region headquarters, Itahari treated 1,407 cases last year. Among these treated cases, 125 were cases of...

One dies in motorcycle accident in Sunsari

- 15 May, 2018, SUNSARI

One died in a motorcycle accident in Itahari of Sunsari. Motorcycle driver, 40-year-old, Shyam Sardar, died in a accident in Sub-Metropolitan Municipality-13,Khanar on Tuesday. According to the District Police Office,...

Girl dies from electric shock in Sunsari

- 13 May, 2018, Ramdhuni

A girl was electrocuted at Tin Taltalaiya of Itahari Sub Metropolitan City, Sunsari. Local resident Mausami Rai, 14, injured in the incident on Saturday died in the course of treatment...

Two killed, 10 others injured in Morang road mishap

- 30 April, 2018, Itahari

Two persons were killed in a road mishap at Sundarharaicha-7 in Morang district this morning. The deceased have been identified as Uma Niraula, 51, and Shyam Karki, 52, of Bhadrapur-15,...



- March 5, 2019, Kathmadu

Trailer of new Nepali movie SAILI is out on YouTube. Kabaddi film’s Ram Babu Gurung directorial film SAILI’s name is taken from Hemanta Rana’s super hit song SAILI and lead actors are also from the music video. Film tells a story about how common Nepali youth is forced to go...

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Paras, Shobha declared best athlete of the year

- May 17, 2018, Kathmandu,

Captain of National Cricket Team Paras Khadka and Shobha Gauchan of Badminton have been declared the best athlete of the year under men's and women's category respectively. Khadka and Gauchan were named the best sportspersons of the year at the 15th edition of Pulsar Sports Award hosted by Nepal Sports...




Feasibility study begins to determine capital of province 3

- 14, May 2018, Kathmandu

A feasibility study is being carried out to determine the capital of province no 3. The capital city of the province would be determined only after viewing the various aspects including people's income, available means and resources, development construction and administrative accessibility. There are 13 districts in this province. The...

NEPSE falls by double digit

- 14 May, 2018, Kathmandu



Local level to have 57,690 employees

- 14 June 2018, Kathmandu

The local level is to have 57,690 employees for interim arrangement, while there will be 45,815 employees for the centre and 16,570 for the states. This is the conclusion made by a committee formed to finalize the number of employees required for all the three tiers of government. The organisation...


Where the milk comes from the stream

- Feb 21, 2018, Kathmandu

What comes from the stream? There is no need to wait for the answer - 'Water'. In Ekodol of Latilpur, it is not only water from the stream nor milk....

Missing the border !

- Feb 21, 2018, Kanchanpur

Overall half the border columns have been lost in Kailali and Kanchanpur. This fact has been found after monitoring the joint border surveys team of two countries since the first...


S. Korea to remove propaganda loudspeakers along border with DPRK

- 30 April, 2018, SEOUL

South Korea's defense ministry said Monday that it will remove propaganda loudspeakers along the border with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in a bid to enforce the agreement reached after the inter-Korean summit last week. As part of the follow-up measures to the Panmunjom Declaration, South Korea's military...

Kim Jong Un pledges to invite media to witness nuke site shutdown in May

- 29 April, 2018, SEOUL/WASHINGTON

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un has promised to close his main nuclear weapons test site in May and said he will invite South Korean and American media to witness...

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